On the third Ironhack pre-work challenge we have been asked to carry out a Usability evaluation and Redesign study of a travel app, detecting its pain-points and suggesting alternative solutions for their design. Here I will show you my experience!

The user type for this study is a young couple between 20 and 40 years old.

For this prework second challenge, we had to ‘reverse engineer’ one popular app Interaction Design and User Flow.

More concretaly, the task was to create a wireframe version of the user flow of the chosen app based on screenshots. So the goal is simplifying it visually as much as possible, thinking of which visual elements need to be there and which don’t in order to communicate the idea of user flow efficiently.

My app choice to do the exercice was Netflix for two main reasons. First, as I am quite a user, especially when traveling, I find it one of…

Know the transport ticket options before it’s too late, SAVE MONEY.

Everyone had that experience, of knowing at the third day travel, that there was that 5 days ticket which allowed you to catch as much public transport as you want. Instead of buying 10 single way tickets which double the price…

UrbanGo is a public transit and mapping startup based in Silicon Valley. Their goal is to solve the problems of urban mobility by offering the quickest and cheapest public and private transport routes to their users. …

Guillem Eiriz Alonso

An industrial designer in love with creativity, nature and the keeping learning.

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